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Simrat Chopra Bhangoo

Dip CBH, GQHP, GHR (Reg), Cert. Coach, PG Dip, BA (Hons)

I am a fully qualified, registered and insured Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and a certified neuroscience-based Coach. Originally from a corporate background, in particular wealth management. Having worked under constant restructuring of departments, pressures of deadlines and targets, managing and coaching my own team along with working with different personalities, I understands the stresses and strains of modern day work environment. 

My academic qualifications; Bachelor's Degree in Economic (Hons) Psychology and Sociology, Post Graduate Diploma in Economics (passed with distinction) from London University and Certificate in financial planning from the Chartered Institute of Insurance together with my experience in the corporate sector may initially seem unrelated to a career as a Hypnotherapist & a Coach. However, in actual fact it mirrors my previous roles as it is still applying problem solving skills and learning to think out of the box but this time it is applying these skills to help and support individuals to achieve their goals be it professional or personal. 

After holding various training and advising roles in the corporate environment, I realised that I still was seeking fulfilment in my work. On reflection, it dawned on me that what I really wanted to do was to enrich the real wealth in people i.e. their well-being. This profound realisation led me to train with an Oxford University-trained post-doctoral Neuroscientist, Hypnotherapists and Chartered Psychologists so that I could transition to be a personal coach and a hypnotherapist in order to support people in the most effective way.

I have realised from my own training that all can benefit from understanding how the brain works and learning life skills of self-efficacy to enhance their well-being. Our feelings, thinking and behaviours have a lot to do with how our lives are shaped up.

My Journey: About Me
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