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What My Clients Are Saying

I value my clients and I strive to provide them with the best health services. Read on to find out all the wonderful things my clients have to say about working with an experienced Hypnotherapist and get in touch with me today to schedule your appointment.

Feedback: Testimonials

Feedback from working with private clients:

Satisfaction Rating: 10/10

Situation: work-related stress

"After understanding my needs and how I operated a bespoke plan was created for me which proved to be very useful. Not only were my sessions tailored to me but the progress was measured as well. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and science-based techniques were used including guided relaxation that helped in reducing my anxiety. It was important to me that all the techniques used were rooted in proof-based science. Sessions with her were clearly over and above my expectations with beneficial results. I have left with tools to unpick happiness and fulfilment."

Satisfaction Rating: 8/10

Situation: work-related stress

“The long and unrushed talks at the beginning, which highlighted alternative interpretations of previous experiences proved hugely beneficial for the shift in perspective. 

I particularly appreciated the perceived genuine interest shown in my mental state and actions.”

Satisfaction Rating: 10/10

Situation: desire to overcome the fear of driving alone 

“Thank you Simrat for making me understand how thoughts affect body behaviour. And most importantly how can we control our thoughts and change our response. These grounds rules which we often miss to relate/understand are so powerful in overcoming many fears/obstacles and ultimately becoming a confident person. 
Thank you for asking so many questions patiently to get to the depth of the fear root cause.”

Feedback from working with a Charity, Shaw Trust - helping transform lives:

Satisfaction Rating: 10/10

Situation: desire to overcome the fear of failure

“Right from our first meeting, Simrat quickly gained my total trust and cooperation. She perfectly balanced a friendly empathy with a detached professionalism, enabling a spirit of collaboration to ensue. This mood has continued throughout our sessions, resulting in expeditiously effective progress during the short time we have collaborated. I have great respect and affection for the brilliant and beautiful Simrat, and will always cherish our adventure together. 

My favourite component was the guided meditations, in which I would drift into a deeply suggestible reverie, expertly directed by Simrat's pellucid voice and precise yet sympathetic instructions, to be taken through all sorts of wonderfully immersed and curative processes, most of which were expertly extemporised to suit my particular needs and issues’’

Satisfaction Rating: 10/10

Situation: desire to enhance self-esteem 

“I have been seeing Simrat for many months, helping me with my emotional wellbeing. The sessions with Simrat have been essential for me, the weekly meetings could not have come at a better time. I have had and still have problems with personal circumstances and the wellbeing sessions have contributed greatly in helping me overcome these hurdles.

The confidence that I am beginning to build up due to Simrat's efforts, including a healthy sense of self, has got me on the road to recovery and well on my way to eventual employment and independent life. I cannot recommend her enough”.

Satisfaction rating 10/10

Situation: wanting relief from anxiety 

“I found Simrat professional. She really listens and understands what I have gone through. She is always calm, compassionate and conducts visualisation wonderfully. I found everything in the sessions very helpful and it has helped a lot with my anxiety resulting in gaining confidence to go back to work again. Simrat is an excellent therapist!”

Stress & Resilience workshop in Higher Education (2.5 hrs):

"Excellent – Very interesting and rich!"

"Everything was excellent. The power of the mind is such an investment for life. Thank you!"

"Your style of speaking is engaging and thought-provoking"

"Mindfulness meditation was excellent and such a powerful tool to bring clarity"

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