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Comedy stage hypnosis has very little to do with hypnotherapy and has been shown to foster misconceptions which can prevent people from benefiting from treatment.

Myth 1: Some people can't be hypnotised. 

Everyone can, in principle, is hypnotisable because it is a natural state and each of us enter in it at least twice a day.  For example, whenever we are driving and daydreaming enough to miss a turn we probably were experiencing a light state of hypnosis

Myth 2: Hypnosis means some one does something to you and you have no control. 

It is not magic nor does someone do something to you and you do not lose control. You cannot be made to do anything against your will. On the contrary it is a skill of being receptive to suggestions which demands focussed attention and to think and imagine along with it to achieve desired results. 

Myth 3 : Hypnosis is state of sleep or unconsciousness

Hypnosis is definitely not a state of sleep or unconsciousness. It is reported that roughly 90% of people are aware of everything that happens. It may appear like sleep from the physical point of view as the eyes are closed, the muscles are relaxed and breathing is slow however mentally the client is relaxed and alert. 

Myth no 4 : A person can get stuck in trance forever. 

No one has ever been stuck in a hypnotic trance. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we enter and exit during the normal course of a day.  There are no known or reported dangers with hypnosis when working with a trained practitioner.

Myth no 5 :  It is not recognised by professional authorities in psychology and medicine.

Thousands of positive experimental and clinical research studies on hypnosis have been published. It has been recognised as an effective treatment by the British Medical Association (BMA) and American Medical Association (AMA) since the 1950s and, more recently, by the American Psychological Association (for obesity) and NICE (for IBS) and is used by the NHS.

Myth No 6 : Intelligent people cannot be hypnotised

On the contrary, people who are able to concentrate and have a vivid imagination make the best hypnotic subjects.

Myth No 7 : Hypnosis is dangerous

It's no more dangerous than relaxation or meditation. 

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