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Productivity is a by-product of a meaningful existence.

Photo By : Zorawar Bhangoo

Setting and achieving goals endlessly can bring us a sense of pleasure or euphoria (Dopamine is released). However, it’s short-lived and addictive!

Despite the highs, solely chasing this chemical over the long term can bring a feeling of emptiness.

Would you agree?

Research shows that whatever we do ultimately is in the pursuit of finding happiness.

So then why, after all these achievements, don’t we feel happy?

What is missing?


The act of giving BUT selflessly.

Giving produces pleasure, caused by the release of dopamine but in ADDITION produces other positive emotions (caused by the relase of neurochemicals such as serotonin and oxytocin), which bring joy, fulfilment and deepen our social bonds.

Adopting a giving mentality ensures psychological well-being and sets us up for success in all areas of our life.

We are wired to GIVE, and when we follow our nature, we THRIVE.

It helps us create a meaningful existence and a fulfilled life that encompasses achievements.

It only goes to show how interconnected we all are!

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