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Paving the way to 2021 through self-reflection:

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Well, what a year it has been! Requiring us to adapt to the changing world continually. So, what did we notice and learnt about ourselves in our pursuit to thrive in this world as a result of all this?

Research has shown that we have more than 50,000 thoughts per day and more than half of them are negative, and more than 90% are repeats from the day before.

So, if we don’t make an effort to refocus our mind on the positives through self-reflection, we unknowingly deny ourselves opportunities to grow and develop.

In the moment of uncertainty or doubt, self-reflection brings clarity and aligns us to our values. It shines the light on who we can become and puts us in the driver’s seat.

Using appreciative inquiry, ask these five questions to yourselves:

1. What do I need to focus on in 2021? (Define)

2. What did I accomplish (my best experience) in 2020 and what strengths I

demonstrated? (Discover)

3. Focusing on the best experience you had in 2020 allow yourself to imagine a

future where you can have that experience most days. (Dream)

4. Now ask yourself what would you have to do to make it happen. (Design)

5. List actions that you can take in 2021 and commit to it. (Destiny)

The distance between a dream and reality is called ACTION - 'THE DOING PART'. So take your first small step today…


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