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If you are changing, you are evolving, and if you are evolving, you are LIVING!

Change is challenging, but with knowledge and small practical steps, you will be surprised to see gradual progression towards your goals. There are 5 stages of change: • Stage 1: Pre-contemplation (Not Ready for Change) • Stage 2: Contemplation (Getting Ready for Change) • Stage 3: Preparation (Ready for Change) • Stage 4: Action • Stage 5: Maintenance What do you want to change & where do you see yourself? Yes, change is possible, provided your ‘WHY’ is clear and remember it's a process.

This is how change looks like….so persevere through the journey. Stop and reflect regularly and most importantly be kind to yourself. Kindness is the secret sauce that will propel you forward. You’ll meet a WISER you on the other side!

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