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Out of vulnerabilities comes your strength.

Sigmund Freud

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Client Feedback: I was struggling with panic attacks and feelings of depression. I found Simrat online and am so unbelievably grateful to Simrat and our carefully planned sessions. Simrat provided me with the coping skills that I needed in order to move forward with my life. I could not recommend Simrat more highly. I have walked away with so much more confidence and new mental clarity. Simrat not only provided wonderful and eye-opening sessions but also resources such as home tapes that I was able to engage in between sessions, showing me how I was capable of healthily processing my emotions independently. I am so full of gratitude - thank you!

Your Visit: A feeling of being overwhelmed, worry, nervousness, an inability to concentrate, and constant tiredness are all symptoms of stress. Stress can come from a high-pressure work environment, burnout, difficult relationships, major life events such as losing a loved one, divorce, financial worries or emotional issues such as low self-esteem etc. 

You are not alone, I can help with bespoke plans designed specifically to meet your unmet needs.

About Me: Originally from a corporate background, I have first-hand experience of working in a high-pressure work environment. Going with the flow of life, I have transitioned to be a fully qualified & and accredited Cognitive behavioural Hypnotherapist and life Coach specialising in stress and anxiety-related issues.

Most of my clients come through word of mouth. Please click below to read about my clients' experiences. 

Nominated for the 'Mayor of London award for changing lives'

Apart from my private practice, I am humbled to offer my time and services to a charity that supports individuals who are at risk of being homeless. I teach them coping skills to build emotional resilience, helping them to help themselves to economic independence and high self-esteem.

My Approach: As an integrative therapist, I use an array of techniques including hypnotherapy, coaching techniques, guided relaxation, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to help my clients successfully explore different options whilst addressing any limiting beliefs that prevent them from progressing.

I am a believer that learning leads to transformation - a permanent change. The therapeutic relationship between client and therapist facilitates change. As such, I offer a safe, focused and non-judging space to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours to foster self-discovery and growth.

Work with me: Schedule your complimentary 30-minute call to see how I might be able to help you and to find out more about my work. 

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As an accredited practitioner of GHSC, a registered practitioner of GHR and a member of the Association of Coaching, I adhere to their code of ethics and rules of confidentiality. It also means that the quality of my practice is subject to peer review and I have to engage in continuous professional development in the best interest of my clients.

My Qualifications:
CBHyp, GHR (Reg), GHQP
Cert. Neuro-Psychology Based Life/Executive Coach
PG Dip. Economics
B.A. Eco (Hons), Psychology & Sociology

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